The Devil’s Mistress


The Devil’s Mistress (Lucifer Cover Book 1)
Virginia Coffman | Lancer Books | 1970 | 190 pages

“You’ll adore the place, Mrs. Deeth,” the woman had insisted in that strained, thin voice which was very like her papery flesh and her eviscerated, almost desperately lost look.

Christie Deeth, recovering at a San Francisco clinic from the infidelity that cost her husband and family, takes the advice of a spinsterish patient to travel down the coast for a retreat at Lucifer Cove. Sheltered in a coastal valley, Christie discovers that the Cove offers many amenities for her damaged psyche: spa, hot springs—and a hillside temple housing a coven of devil worshippers.

Rather than the infernal call of Nadine Janos and her temple acolytes, the hedonistic charms of the spa and its mysterious owner, Marc Meridon, reveal themselves as the true threat to envelope Christine. Machinations are forming around her, making escape from Lucifer Cove more difficult than simply navigating the twisted roadways out of the fog-shrouded valley.

The Lucifer Cove of The Devil’s Mistress occupies a space in the netherworld of a (probably) never-was California of the early-seventies, at the crossroads of free love, drugs and the occult, but the atmosphere never quite thickens enough to instill a deep sense of fear or paranoia.


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