La Mujer Murcielago (The Batwoman)

La Mujer Murciélago (The Batwoman)
Mexico | 1968 | 80 minutes
Starring Maura Monti, Roberto Cañedo, Héctor Godoy
Directed by René Cardona

Pro-wrestlers are washing up dead in the surf, with missing pituitary glands. A police task force, assembled to catch the culprit, immediately calls Batwoman (Maura Monti) for help. A crime-fighting wrestler, Batwoman somehow maintains a semblance of professional dignity while attending police meetings wearing only a bikini and cape. Her investigation quickly leads to a neurosurgeon (Roberto Cañedo) engaging in some wildly pseudo-scientific genetic experiments, mostly involving bubbling water in a fish tank. A few clumsy fight scenes ensue, with (and without) a rubber-suited gill-man.

The film features a few cool jazzy musical cues, and Maura Monti is engaging as Batwoman—both in her costume on the job, and in her nightie at home—but some pacing and technical issues slow down the fun. A car chase is positively pedestrian, and the underwater scenes are sluggish—perhaps the call should have gone to Aquawoman.

As much a mad-scientist monster rumble as a superhero vehicle, La Mujer Murciélago ultimately would have benefited from a few more scenes with its titular hero socking masked villains.


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