The Fantastic Argoman


The Fantastic Argoman
Italy | 1967 | 83 minutes
Starring Roger Browne, Dominique Boschero, Eduardo Fajardo, Nino Dal Fabbro
Directed by Sergio Grieco

When an English crown jewel is stolen, Scotland Yard Detective Lawrence (Nino Dal Fabbro) instantly suspects his nemesis, arch-criminal Argoman. With telekinetic powers and an appallingly fashioned costume, Argoman is the alter ego of Lawrence’s superior, the foppish playboy Sir Reginald (Roger Browne).


The true villain is the self-proclaimed Queen of the World,  Jennabell (Dominique Boschero), whose hovercraft is telepathically summoned to Reginald’s swanky bachelor-pad. Challenged to an archery contest, victory would give Jennabell a Rolls Royce and an emerald necklace, but a defeat would send her for a romp in Reginald’s circular bed of pleasure. Reginald’s swinging ways come with a price: after an erotic encounter, all his telekinetic powers are drained for six hours, rendering Argoman virtually impotent. Fortunately for Sir Reginald, his manservant Chandra (Eduardo Fajardo) is always at hand, counting down the hours on his watch.


Jennabell’s true intentions reach far beyond simple crown jewels. She schemes to acquire the world’s largest diamond, created in an atomic blast. Once in her hands, she can use it—through some weird science—to create a series of automatons that will replace world leaders, making her truly Queen of the World.


The 60’s Pop-Art camp factor kicks into high when the action shifts to Jennabell’s hideout. The sets are over-the-top lairs befitting Bond villains, and the Queen’s Mod costumes range from transparent vinyl raincoats to aluminum foil Medusa cowls. Even with his telepathic powers restored, Argoman settles the score against the Queen and her henchmen with fists-to-the-chops action.


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