The House of Secrets, Issue #87


The House of Secrets, Issue #87
DC Comics | September 1970

Horror anthology comic hosted by Abel, a narrator telling stories to his imaginary friend, set in his house by the cemetery. His rival is Cain, another storyteller in another house (and another series, The House of Mystery) across the cemetery. Abel’s banter punctuates the tales, along with the occasionally placed ad for HotWheels or life-sized moon monsters.


Death Has Marble Lips
A sculptor ignores his flesh-and-blood fiancé, and her promises of delicious meals of Cornish game hens with wild berries served in their new sunny country house, to pursue the siren call of his idealized love, beckoning to be freed from a block of marble.



The Man
Candy Bakers spots a new hot man walking into town, but he remains cold to her advances—cold because he is actually ***SPOILER REVEALED ON THE COVER*** a robot.



The Coming of Ghaglan
The fickle nature of love presented in the first two stories proves irrelevant. Through deceitful magic, Ghaglan raises an army of mummified bodies from under the sands of Egypt—BAM! Goodbye world-as-we-know-it!



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