Chamber of Chills #3


Chamber of Chills, Issue #3
Marvel Comics | March 1973

An anthology of horrors from Marvel Comic’s early-seventies series:


The Thing on the Roof
A treasure-seeking adventurer returns from plundering an ancient temple in Central America with an unexpected pursuer on his trail. Advanced civilizations, even ones from prehistory, should know better than hiding their abominations behind the attractive nuisance of a fantastic temple—of course some native-abusing jackass will come along and drop that shiny jewel into place in the matching recessed slot in the treasure room’s stone door, revealing the secret chamber within.


All the Shapes of Fear
A man’s nightmare of a giant grasping hand proves to be prophetic, leading to a circular loop of cause-and-effect for a tragic accident. A driver’s education simulation comes to life, as a child’s ball rolls into the street.


The Girl Who Cast No Shadow
Another tale stemming from an archeologist’s hubris, and the resulting evil released from a violated temple. Even the curators at the British Museum knew enough to wall up the demonic statue in a basement room (how did they explain that decision to museum administrators?). The lack of a shadow seems to be a strange lure for a successful succubus—imagine all the leering men and their catcalls of “Hey baby, I got your shadow right here!” Hanging around a dive bar at closing time would pull in more unwitting victims, even with the burden of a shadow.



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