The Witching Hour, Issue #35


The Witching Hour, Issue #35
DC Comics | October 1973


The Dread of Night
A twisty inheritance drama featuring a nervous woman in a wheelchair, her scheming half-sister, a misdirected overdose of heart medication, and . . . a rubber monster suit.


Cry in Car 13
Slight story of a crying child left alone on a train, with the reveal of the (decidedly non-supernatural) reason behind the mother’s abandonment.


Child of Evil
A plantation owner inexplicably purchases a witchy old hag at the slave market to tend to his pregnant wife. Empathy proves to be difficult considering the subject matter, even allowing for the period setting, since the protagonist is a essentially a human trafficker.

Witches Cynthia and Mildred play host to these stories, and occasionally interject their comments in the (groovy?) vernacular of the day:
“When some real heavy bread is involved, there’s sure to be a bad scene…”
“Nina was turned on and tuned in. It was wild! It was just too much.”
“The jury socked it to [him]…”



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