Vault of Evil, Issue #10


Vault of Evil, Issue #10
Marvel Comics | April 1974


Death of a Puppet
The on-stage murders in a puppet master’s performance are mirrored in real-life crimes, expounding a “we are all puppets to our masters” theme—and leading to the suspicion that a considerable number of unsolved crimes could be ultimately traced to ventriloquist dummies.


Let’s Face It
An aging actor resorts to unconventional means to restore his youthful good looks and resume his stalled career. Marginally interesting for unexpectedly having a male actor search for rejuvenation, but the ending fails to deliver the intended rebuke, instead only mustering a slight—and somewhat ridiculous—setback.


The Pitchman!
A huckster finds an endlessly gullible mark, with a final twist involving the hoary old trope of selling the Brooklyn Bridge.


They Wait in the Caves!
After double-crossing his partner for a shipload of valuable pearls, a sailor later encounters the man—who he believed to be dead—and listens to his incredible tale of discovering an island full of unbelievable riches. Wait a minute [grabs a handful of pearls]—is there a lesson to be learned here about greed?


Bertha Gets Buried
An unhappy man lashes out at his wife for her sloppy housework, and later burns with a jealous rage at the suspicion that she is cheating on him. Like a tell-tale heart, the dirty cellar calls out for housekeeping.


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