Secrets of Sinister House, Issue #10


Secrets of Sinister House, Issue #10
DC Comics| March 1973


Castle Curse
A modest farmer inherits a castle and a title from an uncle he never met, but must reside within the estate as a condition of the will. Along with great wealth, he also seems to have inherited lupine traits and a thirst for blood during the full moon. How many generations of cursed barons does it take to build a special holding cell in the dungeon?


The Cards Never Lie
After a fortune teller marks him for death at the hands of the “King of Spades”, a small time gangster rubs out everyone he interprets as potentially being his figurative killer. But he should literally watch out for that GIANT @#$%ING CARD!


Losing His Head!
A hunchbacked carnival worker with a crush on an abusive ventriloquist’s assistant decides to steal the box containing the performer’s dummy. Sometimes a dummy is just a dummy—no wait, they’re always EVIL.


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