Ghostly Haunts (Issue #49)


Ghostly Haunts, Issue #49
Charlton Comics | April 1976

Winnie, a sexy bespectacled witch, introduces a trio of cautionary horror stories featuring protagonists who receive karmic retribution for their misdeeds.


Doorway to Hell
After an ICBM missile silo is deactivated by the government, a local farmer discovers that one of its heavily fortified doors is actually a gateway to Hell. Although the Devil is unable to cross the threshold, he makes a deal with the farmer to bring human victims in exchange for rewards of unimaginable wealth. After delivering a series of drifters (and his wife for good measure), the farmer tries to double cross the Devil, leading to a conclusion that breaks the rules established for the story. But, of course, the “Cornfield Casanova” couldn’t actually beat the Devil and live the life of a high roller in Vegas with his trashy new gold-digging wife, could he?


The Price of Eternal Life
Following a botched jewelry heist, the thief’s partner (and practitioner of witchcraft) offers a novel approach to eluding the police. For the price of one flawless diamond from the theft, the witch advises him to die in a shootout with the police—and she will not only resurrect him, but also provide him with eternal life. However, the thief discovers the truth in the old adage, “the devil is in the details”.


The Edge of Fear
A tale from the bleeding edge of the new economy, as an axe-wielding executioner is made obsolete by an advanced new technology—the guillotine.


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