Ghostly Haunts (Issue #21)


Ghostly Haunts, Issue #21
Charlton Comics | November 1971

Hep-cat horror hostess Winnie, the sexy bespectacled witch, introduces another trio of terrifying tales in her own groovy style, “Do you cats see what I see?


The Scariest Picture of Them All:
Past-his-prime special effects master Roy Quenton develops a brand new method for getting his nightmares on film—projecting mental images into existence, then recording them. His current picture’s leading lady discovers firsthand the dangers inside of Roy’s head, but his Psycho-house digs, vulture in the foyer, and butler named Cadaver should have served as a warning.


Old Soldiers Never Die:
An old patient of curvy nurse Miss Oliver telepathically projects himself from his nursing home bed into the rice paddies of Vietnam to save her fiancé from certain death at the hands of the Viet Cong. Straight from an armchair general’s fantasy, he’s a fearless buffed-out hero in his own mind.


The Man Who Refused to Die
Through sheer stubborn willpower, Joshua Richards refuses to acknowledge the possibility of his own death, and attains a certain level of immortality. Those around him, from fellow pilots in the skies of Vietnam, to climbing buddies on the slopes of a Himalayan peak, to organized crime thugs, aren’t so lucky—he even causes the death of the Abominable Snowman.

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