Dark Shadows (Issue #5)



Dark Shadows, Issue #5
The Curse of Collins Isle
Gold Key Comics | May 1970

Raising a glass with Professor Stokes and the rest of the Collins family, Barnabas toasts to a long life, inwardly celebrating his release from Angelique’s curse. The conviviality is short lived, however, as a vengeful creature from Barnabas’ haunted past returns to exact an old family debt. Two-hundred years previously, a local merchant named Starbuck [not the first mate of the Pequod] was inflicted with the curse of the werewolf, blaming Barnabas [and not Moby-Dick] for setting in motion the chain of circumstances leading to his malady, vowing to destroy the Collins family in retribution.

Following a shipboard struggle [not on the Pequod], with Barnabas, Starbuck was thrown overboard and stranded on desolate Collins Isle [not Robinson Crusoe Island, but that would be switching scribes], suffering his curse alone for all the intervening years. Finally escaping from his island prison, Starbuck returns to Collinwood to renew his vendetta against Barnabas. After an attack on Elizabeth Collins, Dr. Julia Hoffman, not realizing that another monster is in their midst, suspects that Barnabas has suffered a relapse of vampirism. Julia reacts in classic fashion—preparing a syringe from her medical bag.

History repeats itself as fate directs Barnabas and Starbuck to Collins Isle for another showdown, with Barnabas fighting to protect himself from falling victim to another terrible, eternal curse. Luckily for the residents of Collinwood, the tiny distance out to Collins Isle—Barnabas nearly falls back to the mainland from the island’s rocky cliffs—proves to be a most impossible swim for its returning captive lycanthrope.

[“And I only am escaped alone to tell thee?” Please tell me; I never finished Moby-Dick.]



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