Darks Shadows (Issue #7)




Dark Shadows, Issue #7
Wings of Fear
Gold Key Comics | November 1970

For the first several pages, Wings of Fear tantalizes us with the possibility that Barnabas Collins is again inflicted with Angelique’s vampiric curse, and has returned to prey upon the citizens on of Collinsport. A young bride-to-be is attacked, and even the town idiot understands that the source of terror comes from Collinwood. However, Barnabas carries on as usual, strangely impervious to what should be fatal to him in his cursed form—the rays of the sun.

Meanwhile, and apropos of nothing, Professor Stokes approaches Barnabas with a newly developed serum to cure vampirism. After the true source of horror is revealed, Stokes has the chance to test his experimental serum, and Barnabas again plays the hero as he becomes the willing bait in a deadly trap.

The arbitrary masquerade and the needlessly indirect plot against Barnabas don’t lessen our sympathies with his torment—and he gets to face off with a female vampire.




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