Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion (Issue #10)


Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, Issue #10
DC Comics | March-April 1973

DC horror anthology with a sultry, mysterious host (although not set in a mansion, dark or otherwise), warning readers of terrible fates for those visitors unable to distinguish between love and hate.


The Monster
Illicit lovers Myra and Carl pay the ultimate price by failing to abide by the basic criminal rule, “Never return to the scene of the crime.” A year after killing Myra’s husband and sinking his body in the swamp surrounding the couple’s summer cabin, they return with Myra’s young daughter, only to become victims of a murky bog man who stalks their every move.

A jittery Myra also seemingly fails to learn the second basic rule, “Don’t endlessly babble about your crimes just because a swamp monster is after you.”


They Walk by Night
Two hobos break into a department store to escape the winter cold, but discover they are not alone among the merchandise displays. Aside from the question, “Why vampires?”, a familiar entry in the “Mannequins Coming to Life” category, featuring a slight wrinkle regarding the motivation of the narrator.

At least [SPOILER] Spud the dog makes it out alive [END SPOILER].


Clearance Sale
Didn’t mannequins come to life in the previous story? A throwaway and completely redundant “Mannequins Coming to Life” story—with mannequins coming to life.


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