Dark Shadows (Issue # 9)




Dark Shadows, Issue #9
Creatures in Torment
Gold Key Comics | May 1971

Hans Silber, hunter of supernatural beasts, follows the rumors of mysterious happenings to Collinwood, where he vows to flush out and destroy any unnatural creatures with his pistol loaded with silver bullets. Accompanying him is his companion, Desdemona, a deceased young woman trapped between life and death in her still animated, undead body, desperately wishing for her own spirit to be released. Posing as a princess recently moved to Collinsport, Desdemona acts as Silber’s divining rod, pointing out the potential targets for his self-appointed mission of cleansing those not belonging to the mortal world.

Deflected in her suspicions of Barnabas Collins (who bluffs an offer to show her the village church), Desdemona instead happens upon Quention Collins transforming into his wolfen state under the light of the full moon. Recognizing a kindred cursed spirit, she immediately falls in love with Quentin, vowing to protect him from Silber’s murderous intentions. Although thinking him innocent, Desdemona nonetheless fingers Barnabas as the targeted creature of the night to Silber, who puts a deadly trap into motion.

Quickly developing into a doomed love triangle of sorts between Quentin, Desdemona, and Silber, this issue puts Barnabas more into the role of observer—with Julia Hoffman trailing behind in her perpetual state of worry. The canon of werewolf lore is probably violated here, with the freshly bitten victim transforming immediately into a newly created werewolf, allowing the conclusion’s attempt at poetic justice.

Rather than establishing any sort of elaborate guise, seekers of the supernatural in Collinsport need only to stand watch outside The Blue Whale, where any number of victims have stumbled out the doors into the waiting arms of monsters.



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