Deadwalk (Vampirella #3)


Deadwalk (Vampirella #3)
Ron Goulart | Warner Books | 1976 | 144 pages

“Look at the knockers on that one,” said an adolescent voice some distance behind her.

The well-endowed vampire (or more correctly, the well-endowed, blood-sucking space alien) returns in the third installment in the series of novelizations based on the original horror comic.

Vampirella and the magician, Pendragon, take their act to the Caribbean island of Côte de Soleil in an effort to find the missing wife and daughter of Pendragon’s cousin. The missing relatives have fallen victim to Papa Jumbee, a mysterious voodoo priest whose zombie minions have captured them for use as human sacrifices in an upcoming ritual celebration. Although Pendragon seems unmoved by their plight, Vampirella suspects that Jumbee may actually serve The Cult of Chaos, the infernal criminal organization that she has pledged to destroy.

Jumbee’s henchman, between taunting epithets of “gordito” and “puta”, overcome their ineptitude and capture Vampirella, leading to one of the book’s few compelling scenes. Trapped away from the synthetic blood that sustains her hunger, Vampirella must feed upon one of her captors, leading to a blood-streaked moment of self-reflection. However, after Jumbee’s anticlimactic unmasking, Deadwalk fizzles out as Vampirella follows the trail of The Cult of Chaos to Los Angeles and London, seeking the true mastermind behind Côte de Soleil’s voodoo cult—and to another tepid confrontation.

Without the benefit of a comic’s illustrated panels, occasional reminders of Vampirella’s voluptuousness (arguably, the main draw of the series) are repeated throughout the text, so readers will clearly remember the attributes of the “dark haired”, “long legged” heroine. And just in case we might forget:

“You’ve got a terrific pair of knockers,” said the man in the powder-blue jumpsuit.



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