Two-Sentence Terrors | The Long Drive Home


The Long Drive Home

Returning to my nearly dark apartment after the long drive home, I tried to remember if I left any lights on.

As I locked the front door behind me, the light in the bedroom flicked off.


4 thoughts on “Two-Sentence Terrors | The Long Drive Home

  1. Love that! It’s amazing how much atmosphere you packed into two sentences, it’s terrifying. Would love to have you come join in my literary lion challenge, it’s a great place for writers to get some inspiration and feedback!

    • Thanks for your generous comment and invitation. Although my weak disposition usually dictates running from challenges, I’ll definitely check out your site!

      • Haha, I should have called it more an inspiration prompt than a challenge. It’s just there to inspire and act as a stimulus for ideas really… but it’s always so interesting to see what people come up with!

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