Journey into Mystery (Issue #2)



Journey into Mystery, Issue #2
Marvel Comics | December 1972

Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper!

Based on a short story by Robert Bloch (Psycho), Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper! introduces Sir Guy Hollis, an inspector from Scotland Yard assisting in the investigation of a string of violent murders in New York’s Greenwich Village. Hollis advances a novel theory, attempting to convince psychiatrist, John Carmody, that the original Jack the Ripper is still alive and responsible for the current murders. According to Hollis, the Ripper was no mere criminal, but rather a High Priest of Black Magic who discovered the key to immortal life through ritualized human sacrifices.

Not outright dismissing the inspector’s theory, Carmody takes him to a party in Greenwich Village to get a feel for the neighborhood and its residents. They overhear a local junkie, Dick Poole, expounding on the new Ripper murders with a theory that strikingly parallels that of Inspector Hollis. When confronted, Poole panics and flees, with Hollis and Carmody in pursuit, thinking they may have their suspect at hand.

Perhaps diminished in the contemporary context, with present-day Jack the Ripper stories seemingly in no short supply, Yours Truly could have distinguished itself with more panels revealing the dark magic behind the crimes, and the evidence that directed Hollis to his theory. Still, the brief glimpse of early-seventies Greenwich Village and the hint of the occult beneath the pop culture of the times are just enough to pull the story through to its expected final twist.


“More than Blood!”

Players from the sports teams at Westfield Heights are suffering from a bizarre affliction. During games, their eyes go blank and they slump to the ground, stricken from a mysterious paralysis that doctors are unable to explain. The teams fall to resounding losses, and the athletes never recover.

Paul, star athlete of the basketball team, struggles to discover the source of the baffling illnesses, and understand why he has been, so far, passed over as a potential victim. Linda, his girlfriend, seems strangely reluctant to accept his notion of a supernatural cause, bringing Paul tantalizingly close to a breakthrough notion.

…but perhaps, after all, she was right. There was more to life than just basketball…!”


The Girl Who Couldn’t Die

Dr. Lee Fuller, turn-of-the-century scientific researcher dedicated to uncovering the secrets to an immortal life, suffers a staggering personal tragedy when his fiancée dies on their wedding night.

Why not use the fresh corpse of his beloved to advance his research?


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