Hammer Horror Icons | Yutte Stensgaard


Lust for a Vampire (1971)
Hammer Films | Starring Yutte Stensgaard | Ralph Bates | Directed by Jimmy Sangster

Lust for a Vampire is a cynical and depressing exercise that has all been disowned by its director.” – The Hammer Story: The Authorized History of Hammer Films, Marcus Hearns & Alan Barnes, Titan Books, 2007.


“The rise and fall of Yutte Stensgaard is the cautionary tale of an aspiring actress who put years of effort into a career that was over as soon as it finally began. A beautiful and sincere Danish girl who was thrown to the sharks of London’s film business, Yutte’s handful of movies sadly include some of the most vulgar films of the era.” – Hammer Glamour, Marcus Hearn, Titan Books, 2009.




“When shooting began in July 1970, [director] Sangster’s temper was frayed…, and he took some of his frustration out on Yutte when she naively asked the director about her character’s motivation for getting out of a carriage.” – Hammer Glamour, Marcus Hearn, Titan Books, 2009.






“Hammer’s traditional elegance was stifled by an uncomfortably exploitative scenario, gratuitous nudity, and an intrusive vocal number…called Strange Love. As Yutte’s character Mircalla works her way through the pupils and staff at a ladies’ finishing school it becomes depressingly clear how far Hammer’s standards had fallen.” – Hammer Glamour, Marcus Hearn, Titan Books, 2009.



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